My name is Omari and I would be honored to be your Health Coach. I take tremendous pride in my ability to motivate others through virtual training sessions, personalized workouts and inspirational blogs.

My mission is to create opportunities for developing personal growth in each of my clients. I believe the key to success begins from transforming within – anyone can eat right and exercise but if you don’t have the right mindset and understanding, your success will be short lived.

My goal is to challenge each individual I work with, to step out of their comfort zone. It is in this “uncomfortable space” where growth occurs. Here we will be able to work on the root of the issues which cause paralysis, so that we can continue progressing by working through the barriers that have been created.

Although I understand that I cannot change the world, I truly believe I can change a person’s world.  This one simple yet profound statement, is what drives me every day to not only be the best fitness specialist for my clients, but simply a better person.