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A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. Corporate wellness programs are an inexpensive alternative to lower healthcare costs, boost morale and productivity, and help employees feel good about themselves. My corporate programs are guaranteed to reduce stress and improve teamwork.

Here’s what I will provide:

• Ongoing Corporate Fitness, Team Building and Event Training.

• Colleagues bond during a fun and energizing 1 hr. workout – after work or for 45 mins during lunch break.

• Each class will vary but all will include Cardio, Flexibility, Balance, Strength and Behavior Modification.

• Weekly tasty recipes which are quick and easy to follow.

• Brief informational health talks that will inspire you throughout your journey.

• Classes held inside a private studio, onsite corporate location or outdoors at a local park.

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“Together we can achieve more”

Weekly accountability sessions (via in person, on the phone, or the web) for the individuals specifically designed and tailored to enhance one’s experience on their road of becomming better versions of themselves. On this journey, the individual will have full access to Coach Omari as they collectively work on breaking down the barriers that inhibit us from achieving the success we desire from our lives.

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It is possible for couples or groups to train together and achieve individual results. Training partners can effectively push each other and with my guidance tailored to fit each person’s specific needs, you will challenge each other to achieve maximum results. Here’s what I will provide:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Effective workouts created for the individuals while working alongside each other
  • Periodically fun challenges for the pair that will aid in building the momentum of growth which is where change occurs
  • Behavioral Medication tactics that will help enrich the quality of the individuals’ lives

Grab your partner or a group of friends.

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“Leave your judgments at the door”

You are cordially invited to an unforgettable experience where you will be able to work on bettering yourself by unraveling the layers that have stunted your progress. Together in a fun- filled and jam-packed schedule, you will have the opportunity to slow things down and focus on the most important person in your life: Yourself. A vacation where you don’t have to worry about getting off track with your goals! Jumpstart your journey and join one of our retreats where you will be surrounded by like-minded people looking to become better versions of themselves! Enjoy tasty foods that nourish the body, workouts that build not only your physical strength but also mental, and interactive workshops where you will be able to share your deepest thoughts in a safe and nurturing environment. Oh and let’s not forget fun and laughter! Past retreats:

  • Vail, Colorado
  • Seaside, Oregon
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Gift yourself or be treated by someone to come rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul! Wait no longer and sign up for the next available destination retreat! Contact me for more information.

Coach Omari will work alongside your trainer, developing ways to maximize your results in the safest and most effective manner.

  • One hour training sessions that are tailored towards your specific goals and needs
  • Nutritional Counseling
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Not able to train in person? No worries…you bring the Wi-Fi and I’ll bring the sweat! Just like live training, The online Virtual Training Experience is a personal, unique, and goal oriented program. You can enjoy the convenience of being able to connect live in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. Using Skype/FaceTime we will complete your personalized workouts, nutritional guidance, and constant motivational material! If you have equipment that you can incorporate into your training that’s great, but don’t worry if you don’t. Most of the workouts are geared towards body weight and functional training using minimal equipment. Wherever you are in the world, allow me to be your health coach and expert fitness advisor! Here’s what I will provide:

  • Personal training one-on-one done via the web
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Behavioral modification tactics
  • Nutrition counseling

These sessions can also include the coaching package.

What is Skype? It’s a free service for internet phone and webcams. It works on both Mac and PC
What is FaceTime? It’s a feature of IPad and IPhone devices that allows you to use real-time conferencing
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Work with me one-on-one wherever you choose. Whether we meet at your home, the gym, park, beach or other outdoor location, I will customize a personalized workout program designed to help you achieve the fitness level you not only want, but what your body deserves.

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Allow me to help change the way you think by stepping into your world and home, so that I can better understand you and your struggles. Together we will spend quality time, and we will tackle head-on, the mental and physical barricades/hurdles that seems to prevent us from tapping into the greatness in us all that awaits. I will help you identify the behavior habits that can sabotage you reaching your goals. Together we will work on identifying these triggers, stressors, and self-sabotaging habits and come up with strategies on how to overcome them so that we can continue on the path of wellness success. Here’s what I will provide:

  • Next level personal training where there will be the opportunity to be able to work up close and personal to diving in on the root of obstacles that subconsciously maybe holding us back from achieving the goals we desire.
  • 4-6 workout sessions specifically tailored to you each day, averaging to about 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday, 2 hours on Saturday, and rest on Sunday.
  • Meals that have been created by chefs and have been supervised by dieticians to ensure maximized results!
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