Obum | Nigeria

My friend Omari Bernard.

When I think about Omari, the words that come to mind most often are “beautiful soul”. I came to California in the summer of 2012 to lose weight, and that was it. I was driven, and straightforward about my goals. Omari, bless his beautiful heart, showed me that in order to truly lose weight, I had to face the emotional turmoil that made me gain weight in the first place. When we trained, he communicated with me effectively, showing me a better way to exercise and eat healthier. He was caring, determined, and above all, he wanted to truly understand me for who I was. I smile when I think of those first few weeks, huffing and puffing after 10 mins of exercise, with Omari’s goofy self smiling down at me, telling me “don’t worry Obum, you will be amazed when you think about this day a few weeks from now”, at the time, as you can imagine, I did not believe a word he said. It has been a few years, and I still smile at that day, because Omari knew how to make losing weight an all encompassing journey, that made me not only drop a lot of pounds (135lbs), but also learn and grow as a person. I left California in a much better shape, but I’m eternally grateful that I also left with a friend for life, who taught me more about living happily with who I am, than he will ever truly know. I’m in the best physical condition of my life, and I owe it all to Omari Bernard, my friend, life coach, and trainer.

Kameron | Washington State

My entire life I have been an athlete and had physical goals to work toward on the field and in the weight room. However when athletics finished for me in college, so did my purpose for working out. That combined with the universal beer and pizza diet of most college students, I put on 100 lbs. by the time I graduated. I was struggling to find intensity in my workouts and the discipline to stick to my diet. In August of 2012 I met Omari and somehow he was able to bring my competitiveness and intensity back into my workouts. He was always there to push me further and encourage me with healthy eating. In under 8 months I was able to lose the 100 lbs. I had gained during college. Since then my workouts continue to improve and I have maintained my weight loss. I owe much of this to Omari and his ability to connect with anyone on a deeper level than most.

Cindy | Vermont

Coach Omari has provided me with the tools necessary to reach my fitness and nutrition goals. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, as well as extremely patient with the process. Coach Omari spent two weeks with me getting me back into a fitness routine. When he arrived I could barely do a pushup or sit up. When he departed, I was much better off and more confident about my fitness goals. I had a clear idea of what was needed to get myself fit. It was the hardest two weeks ever but worth it! Hire Coach Omari and let him be your fitness guru. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Eckhard | Angola

Missing your workouts buddy! Dearly! The more I train with others, the more I realize and appreciate the quality of your workouts – the fun, the variety, the simplicity and the effectiveness of all those workouts. I Still remember the 50’s club, the boxing sessions, the physio ball stuff, the “Omari yoga”, and all the other workouts with a big smile. Thanks for given me that experience and for having made a big difference in my life. Sending you a big old hug!

Adam | Pennsylvania

I can’t believe it is coming on two years since I had the opportunity of meeting one of the finest gentlemen in the world. When I arrived at weight loss fitness camp, I really had no idea what to expect. Not long into my journey there, I was greeted by one of the trainers Omari. I have to say meeting him made my mission worth every penny spent. Omari was so enthusiastic and his passion for helping others was truly a gift from God. He still will answer any question as well as give suggestions when I feel stuck regarding workouts. I was so blessed to have Omari come into my life and today can call him a friend. Since meeting Omari I am down 70 lbs and am only 20 lbs away from my goal. One little step at a time. Thank you Omari Bernard for coming into my life and allowing me to love myself again.

Your friend, Adam.

Zach | Florida

Omari Bernard, Oh boy where do I start! Well, let me start off by saying that Omari came into my life towards the end my high school days in about 2008 when I was 17. He lives in my complex and was known by everybody for being such a fun and charismatic person. His charm and positive attitude really separates him from every one else. He has a great brightness to his smile and a very genuine tone in his voice when he speaks. My thoughts are coming from the heart when I speak about him because he has impacted me in great ways over the years. When we first met I was just a kid looking to continue working out and taking my strength and fitness to the next level, and I learned that Omari was just the guy to take me there.

Omari is a fantastic coach and number ONE in my book for motivational people who practice what they preach. I have learned so much and have grown in many ways because of a guy God put in my path. Omari has impacted me in greater ways I could ever put on paper, because he leads by example. From maximizing my health, to picking up some dance moves, to loving those put in my path, our bond will never subside and I love him like a brother. He has shown me how to go to next level in almost aspects of life, from my faith, to the desire to better my lifestyle. He has been a mentor for me and for that I will always be here for him in absolutely anything he needs. He will always be my rude boy. Omari Bernard, life coach, health guru and friend.

Jenee | Hawaii

Best-Selling Author/Public Speaker/Miss Waikiki/2nd runner up 2014 Mrs. Hawaii Pageant

“Omari is A-MA-ZING!  Not only is he motivating and fun to work with, he provides just enough detail without overwhelming me.  I would not have been able to place second runner up in Mrs. Hawaii International (my first pageant ever), if I didn’t have Omari training me.  I lost 19 pounds through diet and exercise.  I was afraid I wouldn’t make it after injuring my knee in the Aloha Run, just eight weeks before my competition.  Omari got me through my injury and kept me on track!  I highly recommend working with him.”

Chris | Texas


In August of 2011, I began an 8 month journey that resulted in me losing 205 pounds. Along the way I met a handfull of people who helped make my dream of losing weight a reality.  Out of that handfull of people, one person helped me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Omari Bernard became a mentor and friend who taught me the importance of who I am. When he speaks to you, you know he is being genuine and cares about helping you achieve your goals. He never fails to help in any way he can, whether it be training, tools to change unhealthy habits, or just inspiration to help pull you through the hard times.  While I was losing the weight I thought the best thing I would gain was a healthier body, but the unexpected achievement that I cherish most of all was a healthier mind.

Omari was the one who helped me to learn that no matter what, my battle with obesity would never beat me. That I was stronger than the one thing that always had me feeling defeated.  But that was not the only thing he helped me overcome.  His training was some of the most effective I had received during my weight loss.  By talking with me and finding out what my specific fitness goals were he customized a workout to help me achieve success in lowering my body fat percentage while maintaining muscle mass.  While I was losing weight I began to be more athletically capable, but I wasn’t running as fast as thought I should be able to.  I had read in Omari’s bio that he had extensive training in track and field.  I thought running was something you were just naturally good at, but I decided to ask him if he had any tips to help become a better runner.

With certain exercises and techniques I was able to put my new body to work and increase my speed. It was amazing being able to run like I was 10 years old again.  When you exercise frequently your body is at risk of injury.  A vast knowledge of proper stretching and body maintenance is vital to any good coach or trainer. Omari was always there with stretching techniques and advice that kept my body from breaking down.  Meeting Omari and having his guidance along my journey was a blessing that I will always be grateful for.

Melissa | Oregon

I met Omari in 2011 during one of the lowest times of my life. He was there to pick me up and help me see my strength and self worth. With his love and support I went from weighing 385 pounds to 200 pounds in 12 months. Not only was Omari my trainer and coach, but he became one of my best friends. I can’t imagine where my life would be if I hadn’t met him!

Kelly | Interior Designer | California

Working with Omari was one of the highlights of my life, because his expert training, continuous encouragement, kind and firm manner, example, and insights made the process of transforming myself an interior journey as well as an exterior one. Omari helped me find wells of reserve I never knew I had to persevere, to overcome what I previously thought to be an impossible task for me, of not only losing the weight, but of becoming an athletic person taking joy in my physical experiences and exertions. I have worked with a range of trainers who all had something to offer, but Omari rolled all the best parts of those different trainers into one. Most importantly, he could always make me laugh – hard to do when you want to throttle the person adding weights to your one-legged wall sit! One of the things I appreciated about Omari most was the efficiency of his workouts, maximizing our sessions, keeping it moving, and always adding just that little bit more that I didn’t think I could do, and then surprising myself that I did it!  The depth of Omari’s education and experience in this field was tangible in his leadership, detailed planning, and adaptation to my changing needs. I will always be grateful to Omari for working with me to find the outgoing, athletic person inside me who needed just the right guidance to come out!